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03 Nov 2017, 03:38pm by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: November 3, 2018

There's trade talk in here, and pizza talk, and sleep talk, and coaches and players generally being cranky. But we know the real appeal: pictures of NFL players in Halloween costumes.

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27 Oct 2017, 11:27am by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: October 27, 2017

This week: odd motivational sayings; wide receivers insulting teammates and losing bicycles in Pittsburgh; thoughts on old pass-rushers from a middle-aged pass-rusher; and the golden tones of Ed Orgeron.

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20 Oct 2017, 04:59pm by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: October 20, 2017

This week: TV announcers stay classy and go full Ron Burgundy; Ryan Kerrigan goes full Steve Austin; Bill Belichick waxes philosophical; and the fattest damn running back we've ever seen.

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13 Oct 2017, 03:26pm by Vincent Verhei

The Week In Quotes: October 13, 2017

This week: Ben Roethlisberger and Chris Johnson approach the end of the line; Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson tease possible comebacks; offensive linemen get in parking lot confrontations; and an NFL coach snorts his career up his nose.

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06 Oct 2017, 12:52pm by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: October 6, 2017

This week: Coaches talk about bad quarterbacks, bad quarterbacks talk about themselves, the best hair money can buy, and Cam Newton sticks all available feet deep into his mouth.

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29 Sep 2017, 11:12am by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: September 29, 2017

This week: breakaway squirrels, big kicks, violent mascots, Odell Beckham does Odell Beckham things, Josh Norman lays down the law, and the Chicago Bears make two all-time bloopers in five days.

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22 Sep 2017, 10:58am by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: September 22, 2017

This week: getting to know your co-workers; tough-to-tackle running backs; no love for fantasy football; stinky linebackers; cheap eats; and New York radio folks go crazy over icing the kicker and NERDS.

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15 Sep 2017, 11:25am by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: September 15, 2017

This week: college celebrations get creative, retired players make good commentators, active players get salty with commentators (and each other), coaches forget who they're playing, and of course, third-and-93.

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14 Sep 2017, 10:59pm by Guest

The Year In Quotes: 1986

The USFL folds, the NFL goes MTV, Buddy Ryan runs his mouth, and the Giants win the Super Bowl thanks in part to a little-known defensive coordinator who proceeds to fade away into obscurity.

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08 Sep 2017, 08:16am by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: September 8, 2017

Football is back! Which means bad quarterbacks taking criticism from ex-teammates, bad quarterbacks joining new teams, and bad quarterbacks playing against each other.

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