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21 Oct 2007, 11:40am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Addai, Jones-Drew in Select Company

With a big AFC South rivalry on the slate for MNF, I look at similarity scores for Joseph Addai and Maurice Jones-Drew. (Note that the ESPN guys didn't find room for receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, or age, but those do matter in the similarity scores.)

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12 Oct 2007, 06:56pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Vick's Departure Leaves Cutback Lanes Clogged

Hey, remember when I said that FO material was going to start appearing on one more website this year? Here you go, the first article in our new relationship with ESPN.com. Eventually this should be two articles per week, one general and one focusing on Monday Night Football. Yes, this means I am writing for FOX, AOL, and ESPN simultaneously. Crazy, huh?

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