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03 Oct 2017, 12:33pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Bills Over Falcons

Sean McDermott and the Bills have shown that Rex Ryan was a fraud, while the Falcons have shown that splits happen.

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26 Sep 2017, 11:01am by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Washington Over Raiders

The Oakland offense implodes on Sunday Night Football, and the Chris Thompson renaissance continues unabated in D.C.

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22 Sep 2017, 11:58am by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Which Teams Have Most Non-Draft Eligible Talent?

In the NFL, we do an annual list of all 32 teams ranked by young talent, under the age of 25. Now we have a college version: the top 10 teams based on players currently in their first or second seasons. It looks like the next couple years in the Big 10 could be very exciting.

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19 Sep 2017, 01:02pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Broncos Over Cowboys

In the face of one of the greatest defenses in the NFL, the Cowboys fold. Meanwhile, Trevor Siemian does Trevor Siemian things, and the Dallas defense does little to stop him.

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12 Sep 2017, 09:00pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Jaguars Over Texans

Leonard Fournette's debut showed the Jaguars an ability to create a sustaining offense. Tom Savage's debut showed that the Texans barely know what they're doing on offense.

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31 Aug 2017, 01:15pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Which College Teams Have Best Chance to Go Undefeated?

You know Alabama and Ohio State are good, but which surprise Big Ten team has the No. 3 highest chance to finish the 2017 college football season undefeated?

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01 Aug 2017, 12:01pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: FO's Top 25 Prospects 2017

Time for the annual FO Top 25 Prospects list, as also seen in Football Outsiders Almanac 2017. This is our list of lower-drafted and undrafted prospects who are still developing in their second, third, and fourth seasons. Tyreek Hill is this year's No. 1, and this year's list has more running backs and fewer edge rushers than usual.

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06 Jul 2017, 02:48pm by Rivers McCown

Run Defense By Number of Backs, 2016

Our look at defensive success against multiple-back formations has us scratching our heads about Miami. Are the Dolphins linebackers better than their reputation?

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29 Jun 2017, 01:05pm by Rivers McCown

Run Offense By Number of Backs, 2016

Are fullbacks disappearing from the NFL? Yes they are -- but in cities like Green Bay, they are not dead yet.

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07 Jun 2017, 01:21pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Where FO Projections Differ Most from Vegas Odds

A closer look at why FO's 2017 projections differ from Vegas over-unders for four teams: Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, and the Los Angeles Rams.

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